The Wonders of His Love

"The Wonders of His Love"©
A Catholic Musical written by David Burke

Seven Catholic school choir members are shocked and mystified when the Virgin Mary appears and says that God has sent her to bring them to heaven for a brief visit to receive a special message from Him.

Come with us on this miraculous journey that will lift your hearts with laughter, enrich your souls with spirit, and fill your eyes with tears - an endearing sacred adventure that will enhance your faith and change your life.

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Here's all the Music ©
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"Jesus Overture"   "The Wonders of His Love"   "The Lord of Love and Grace"
"What if God is Real!" "Off to Practice" "The God I Know"
"We Give Our Souls to the Lord" "Hail Mary" "Mary's Message"
"Holy Lord" "Mother Mary, Speak to Us" "Marching to the Lord"
"Let the Rain Begin" "Holy One Above" "King of Glory"
"Come Holy Spirit, We're Waiting for You" "You Have Answered My Prayer"
"I Want Forever to be Near You" "We Saw the Lord"
"I Do Believe" "We Will Sing"
Performance Credits

Originally performed in 2005 with great success, this enchanting musical is available to perform with no licensing fee. I encourage anyone and everyone to use it as much as possible because my main intention is to spread the word about this endearing play. I hope and pray that someone with the right resources will discover this musical, realize its sacred potential, and produce it
on a grand scale. This is my lifelong dream. Ultimately, I would like to see this play turned into a movie and certainly performed routinely by Catholic schools and churches nationwide. Your prayers to help this dream come true for the betterment of mankind, world peace, and creating paths to heaven for everyone are most appreciated!

For more information and to receive the sheet music, script/libretto, artwork, CD, DVD, instrumental/karaoke CDs, and instruction guide -- all free! -- please contact David Burke. Thank you!


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